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College and Young Adults Ministry

"We are pilgrims on a journey. We are travelers on a road."

Throughout the ages, the Christian life has been described as a pilgrimage. We are a pilgrim people, journeying through this desert, wandering but not lost, towards the kingdom God has called us towards. Likewise, many have described the journey into the Anglican Tradition as “walking the Canterbury Trail”, itself an ancient and well-trod pilgrimage. We’ve had both these images in mind when conceiving St. Luke’s new student outreach ministry.

Over the years, St. Luke’s has become a waypoint for college students and young adults; some who worship with us for a season and others who form lifelong connections to our parish family. St. Luke’s is committed to providing a space for 18 to 30-year-olds to grow into adulthood amidst a loving, supportive community and affirm our commitment to be a spiritual home to all those seeking to deepen their relationship with God.

Our hope and prayer for this ministry is that it will become a safe, supportive, and inclusive community for students and young adults exploring worship in the Anglican Tradition. Whether St. Luke’s becomes a long-term spiritual home or is merely a stop along the way, our hope is to cultivate a space where students feel safe and empowered to ask questions, experience the beauty of liturgical worship, and find belonging in the Body of Christ.

Trailhead, the young adults ministry at St. Luke's, is striving to be a place for young people to discover and cultivate a meaningful faith and an appreciation for the Anglican tradition of worship.  I want others to find friendship, support, and a spiritual home here just as I did several years ago.

- Josiah Mercer, Trailhead Committee Chair

Trailhead Committee:

Josiah Mercer, Committee Chair

Ezekiel Harless, Community Liaison

Abbey Fuller, Student Liaison

Shelia Fuller, Diocesan Liaison

Michelle Mazzolini, Community Liaison

Liz Queen, Student Liaison

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