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Jesus called a group of disciples, and before he died he told them to go out and make other disciples in every land on earth. As his disciples, we are called as Christians to a lifelong journey of spiritual formation, continually renewing and deepening our relationship with God through study, conversation, music, and prayer.


  • Church School for All Ages

          Church Nursery (up through age 5)
         SPARK: Activate Faith (age 4-3rd grade)

          SPARK: Connect (4th-7th grades)
         Your Faith, Your Life (8th-12th grades)
         Adult Bible Study
         Sunday Morning Speaker Series

  • Midweek Opportunities

          Women’s Bible Study

          Men’s Prayer Breakfast

  • Seasonal Offerings

          “Your Faith, Your Life” - Youth Confirmation

          “Rediscovering Church” - Fall Inquirers’ Class

          Advent Meditation Series

          Lenten Series: “The Way of the Cross, Part II”

          Vacation Bible School
         2024 Women’s Retreat
         Annual Tennessee Laymen’s Conference
         Quarterly Tuesday Night Forums

  • Spiritual Direction


When I was 8 years old, my great-grandmother told me that every day you didn't learn something new, you died a little.  I took this as a challenge at the time and only later realized she meant to convey that education was a continuous activity built from basics.  You can't write the great American novel or even read one without learning the ABC's.  You can't build a rocket ship or prepare a family meal without math and science.  The other disciplines have their own basics.  Christ's basics are these:  Love God and love your neighbor as yourself. Simple words that require a lifetime of study and practice.  My lessons began in Sunday School where dedicated and caring teachers told of God's love for us and instructed us to share that love with each other and all His creation.  Repeated readings and classes throughout the years have plumbed the depths of the children's Bible stories and brought me new meanings and comfort at different stages of my life. 

I am privileged to have so many opportunities at St Luke's to increase my understanding of God's instructions and Jesus' examples of the life meant for us as Christians.  We are fortunate to have so many intelligent and interesting teachers and Speakers Series participants and blessed to have the educational and uplifting messages of Isaac, Art, and Father Joel --in person and preserved online! 

My great-grandmother must have been a very smart woman; she lived 99 years.

Pat Pierce, Women’s Bible Study

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