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Hospitality & Fellowship

We are God's people.

We come together in worship, ministry, formation, and fellowship because Jesus called us into community. Jesus commanded us to love one another as we have been loved, so we know that to live a Christian life is to live a life in which we are in relationship with others as well as in a relationship with God.

  • Coffee Hour Hosts

  • St. Luke’s Greeters

  • Parish Life Events

St. Luke’s is a community of fellow travelers sharing a common journey drawing closer to our Lord and Savior. It is a gift and a blessing to share time, food, and friendly conversation with our members and guests (perhaps entertaining angels unawares). St. Luke’s has many talented, loving hosts, cooks, and greeters who give of themselves and make it possible for us to know and love one another more closely. Thank you and bless you all!

- Sylvia Coyle, Coffee Hour Coordinator

In 2020, St. Luke’s began an active online presence in response to the global pandemic. We continue to offer online worship, formation, and music opportunities to a wider community than ever before.


  • Online Greeter Ministry

Over the past two years I’ve seen firsthand how our online community has grown and our worship services have resonated with so many, near and far. Sharing in that experience with an online community has been a blessing and, as new faces join us online each week, it is a joy to greet them on behalf of the St. Luke’s.

- Tammy Randolph, Online Community Greeter

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