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Hospitality & Fellowship

St. Luke’s digital offerings are opportunities for sharing in worship, formation, and evangelism with a wider community than ever before. Homebound and traveling members, as well as many who live far away—from across the country to around the world — form our online congregation, tuning in for worship each week. Many new members have shared their discovery of St. Luke’s through our online platforms.


  • Live-streamed Services

          Sundays, 10:45 AM
         Thursdays, 12:10 PM

  • St. Luke’s Facebook and YouTube pages

  • Digital Photo Archives (in progress!)

  • Sermons and Meditations

  • Speaker Series

  • Selected Music Clips

  • Evangelism Opportunities

  • Online Greeter Ministry


From the first Sunday of its inception during the pandemic, St. Luke’s online ministry has been vital for the well-being of many. I personally felt, on that first Sunday of live-streaming, literally rescued from the sense that the ground we all stood upon was now shaky and uncertain. The biggest reason was that St. Luke’s, in the persons of Joel and Isaac, cared so much for all of us that they didn’t want to leave us “out there all alone” for even one Sunday. That in itself testified to the Good Shepherd’s care! Second, the service of prayer allowed our sense of community to shore us up, together. Third, Joel was able to “look us in the eye” and assure us that God was still God, and therefore the “ground” under us was firm. And last but not least, we could participate by checking in and/or commenting — which meant that love could flow in both directions. Thank God that every bit of that relief, comfort, and joy went out worldwide! Thank God, it continues to this day, and continues to grow, and to grow the Church!

Rebecca Taylor, Online Worship

We come together in worship, ministry, formation, and fellowship because Jesus calls us into community. Jesus commands us to love one another as we have been loved, so we know that to live a Christian life is to live a life in which we are in relationship with others as well as in a relationship with God.


  • Coffee Hour Hosts

  • St. Luke’s Greeters

  • Parish Life Events

The first time I stepped into St. Luke’s was the first time I had ever stepped into an Episcopal church. I felt at once that this was the place where I could worship and share in God's love. St. Luke’s has been home for my children and me for the past 10 years. From the beginning, we felt a warm welcome of inclusion and a spirit of Christian love while also a dash of respectful space as we made our way into the church at our pace.

Greeting and speaking to others comes easy to me and I enjoy meeting new people. My heart is so full of thankfulness for the community that is St. Luke’s so when the opportunity to serve as a greeter was made available, I was thrilled to participate. I try with each person I meet to share a little bit of the joy that I feel for being part of this wonderful church. I have also been part of coffee hour for regular and special occasions. I love helping to foster community and connection among the parish after the service. When a little welcoming snack is added to our welcoming words, it seems to help people know we mean what we say. Welcome and welcome home!

Sarah Brown, Greeter Ministry

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